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In order to use the Airtable Synapse as a source and destination node in Sync Studio, Syncari requires a Last Modified field in each Airtable Table of the Airtable Base of your connected Airtable Synapse. This Last Modified Time field is used as the offset field in Syncari to manage the sync between Airtable and Syncari as records change in your Airtable Table.

To learn more about offset fields, check out this article: Offset Fields

Setup Airtable

  1. Navigate to Airtable and select the Base you connected to Syncari:mceclip0.png
  2. Create a new field in your table:
    • Select a new column
    • Search for "Last modified time"
    • Select "Last modified time"mceclip1.png
  3. Use the default settings for the "Last modified field":
    • Select All editable fields
    • Click "Create field"mceclip2.png
  4. You will see a new column in your table that is populated with a Date and Time:mceclip4.png

Fantastic! Now you are ready to add your Airtable Tables as Entities in Sync Studio and ensure that changes to records in your Airtable are automatically synced within Syncari.

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