Using Data Studio

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Using Data Studio

After you have Published a pipeline and the Sync Cycle has started, when you navigate to Data Studio, Syncari will display a list of all your Published Entities.


Working with Filters

By selecting an Entity from the list, you can explore your data by using the Filters:


  1. Select an Entity
  2. Choose a Field from this drop down menu
  3. Choose an Operator
  4. Set a Value
  5. Click "Apply Filter"

After you Run Filter, your dataset will update and display the records that match your filter criteria. You can "Save" your Filter criteria so you can use it again later and you can "Reset" your Filter criteria so you can start over. If you want to share this data with other team members or you want to manipulate the data further, you can choose to download the data.


  1. Click "Save" to reuse this Filter criteria later
  2. Click "X" to clear all your Filter criteria
  3. Click "Export" to download the entire dataset based on your Filter criteria

Editing Records

From time to time you may find the need to change a value on a Record in Syncari and propagate that  change to all your Destinations. Using Data Studio you can do that by selecting a Record and clicking "Edit".



The Edit page will display all the Syncari fields within the selected Entity Record. You can make changes to the data in this Record and Save those changes.


  1. Update a field value
  2. Click "Reset" to discard any changes (prior to clicking "Save")
  3. Click "Save" to update the Record with your changes
  4. After clicking Save, it may take a few seconds for the update to complete. You will receive a brief notification upon completion.

Important: Field changes made to a Record in Syncari will immediately propagate to your Destinations as defined in your Pipelines in Sync Studio.


What's Next?

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Check out this next article to understand Using Reference Data.




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