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Syncari users access the application with their email. You can define the instances they can access and their roles in each instance.

Use the Users page in Settings to view and manage your Syncari user base.


Inviting Users to Syncari

To add users to Syncari, you invite them via email. After they respond to the invitation, they’ll create a password and log in. What they see depends on the roles that you assign to them.

To add users:

  1. Go to Settings > Users.

  2. Click Invite User.

  3. Enter the user details: Email, First Name, and Last Name.

  4. If the user is a developer planning to leverage the Syncari API, select API Access. Leave this option unchecked if you want the user to login to the Syncari user interface. See this article for more details on creating an API User
    IMPORTANT: API Access users will not be able to login via the Syncari UI. 
  5. Select each Syncari instances that the user has access to, and then choose one or more roles to assign the user. Read our Roles and Permissions article for more information.

  6. Click Send Invite.

Managing Users in Syncari

On the Users page in settings you can update users in these ways:

  • Add or remove roles—Click Manage, select an instance, and the add or remove the roles for that instance.
    Note: You can also add users to roles in Access Control. See Roles and Permissions.

  • Activate and deactivate users—Select the user, click Actions, and then choose Activate User or Deactivate user.

  • Delete users—Select the user, click Actions, and then choose Delete User.

  • Reinvite a Pending user—Click Reinvite.

Password Expiration and Requirements

User passwords will expire every 3 months. You'll see the following prompt, "Your password has expired. Please set a new password", which means your password has expired. Please enter a new password to continue to login. 


Passwords are required to be configured with these rules:

  • Password must have between 8-32 characters
  • Password must have a combination of uppercase letter, lowercase letter, at least one special character and at least one digit
  • An alphabetical sequence more than 4 characters is not allowed, for example abcd
  • A numerical sequence of more than 4 sequential numbers is not allowed, for example 1234
  • US QWERTY sequence more than 4 characters is not allowed, for example asdf, zxcv etc
  • A new password cannot be same as current password


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