Publishing Pipelines

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One of the most powerful actions you can perform using Sync Studio is publishing pipelines. Publishing pipelines activates the sync between your synapse source entities and Syncari entities, and/or Syncari entities and your synapse destinations entities. 

Best Practice: Always Validate and Test your pipelines before Publishing.

➡️ To publish a pipeline:

  1. Ensure that you validated the pipeline and tested it.
  2. Go to the Draft view of your Entity Pipeline and Click Publish.
    Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 5.23.18 PM.png
  3. Choose a Field Pipelines option.
  4. Enter a Version Name and optionally a version Summary, then click Publish draft.
    Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 5.27.43 PM.png
  5. (This step is Optional. Resync if you want to backfill Syncari with data from your sources) After Syncari shows the Published version of the pipeline, select Resync.

  6. In the Resync window, select the entity and click Resync.

After you publish a pipeline you can perform a few activities on it like pausing the pipeline, resyncing, and viewing the sync cycle status. See Published Entity Pipeline Overview in About Entity Pipelines for details.

Check Your Notifications

Syncari keeps you updated on activities it performs on your pipelines. Click the bell icon to see how the published pipeline is running.


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