Testing Pipelines

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You can test pipelines in Draft status. After configuring and validating a Draft entity pipeline, you're ready to test your pipelines.

While validation checks your pipeline's construction, testing your pipeline verifies the logic. Syncari enables you to test a set of records to confirm your pipeline is running. Testing performs an actual sync cycle with your pipelines, so ensure you're testing in a sandbox environment where you can safely update data.

➡️ To test a pipeline:

  1. After validation, click the Test menu.
  2. Select a test type. We recommend Run Live Test.
  3. In the Run Live Test panel, select how you'd like to identify the data to test
    • By Date / Time Range (Updated At)—Allows you to specify a time frame based on the Last Updated field. 
    • By External ID—Allows you to specify one or more records by ID. 
  4. Complete the required fields for your test type.
  5. Click Start Test.

After you start the test, the sync cycle runs. You will receive messages for your test in the Notifications panel.

You can also view the test results in Logs. To learn more about Logs, see Using Transactions.

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