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The NetSuite Synapse enables data synchronization between NetSuite objects and Syncari entities using the NetSuite API. After the Synapse is Authenticated, a user can Activate the NetSuite Synapse, which enables Syncari to replicate the schema of NetSuite and make it available within the Unified Data Model. Using the Sync Studio, a user can map NetSuite objects to Syncari entities, and NetSuite fields to Syncari fields. To accelerate the setup and configuration of these pipelines, Syncari provides a default mapping for the standard objects and fields in NetSuite. 

If your NetSuite security requires you to whitelist an IP you can find that here.

NetSuite Setup

What should you know?

  • A NetSuite Administrator is needed to configure settings in NetSuite
  • API User and Role
    • We recommend creating a new user for the Syncari integration.
  • Note the NetSuite Web Services concurrency limits for your subscription. Identify all web services integrations with NetSuite and determine which integrations need priority. See the NetSuite documentation here

Enable Features

  1. Navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Features
  2. Click the SuiteCloud tab
  3. Enable the following:
    SuiteTalk (Web Services)
    • SOAP Web Services
    • REST Web Services
    Manage Authentication 
    • Token-Based Authentication
  4. Click the Analytics tab
  5. Enable the following Features
    • SuiteAnalytics Workbook
  6. Click Save

Create an Integration

  1. Navigate to Setup > Integration > Manage Integrations > New
  2. Set the following options:
    • Enter a NAME (We recommend naming your Integration "Syncari" to be able to find it later)
    • Set the STATE to Enabled
    • Select USER CREDENTIALSmceclip1.png
  3. Click Save

*IMPORTANT* After clicking Save, you must Copy/Save the Client Credentials otherwise you will need to Reset Credentials.

Create a Role

    1. Navigate to Setup > Users/Role > Manage Roles
    2. Click New Role to configure a Role for the API User
    3. Under Permissions, click the Reports tab
      • Add SuiteAnalytics Workbook with Edit permissions mceclip0.png
    4. Under Permissions, click the Lists tab
      • Add all objects/entities needed for sync with their appropriate permissions (Full if you need bidirectional sync, View if you need read-only access)
    5. Under Permissions, click the Setup tab
      • Add the following with Full permissions:
        • REST Web Services
        • SOAP Web Services
        • User Access Tokens

Create a User or select an existing User

The user you create or designate will be the user that is associated with the Role created above. This user will also be associated to the Access Token generated for the Token Based Authentication on the next section below. Consult your NetSuite Administrator on the best option for creating a new user  using an existing user. 

Create an Access Token

  1. Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Access Tokens
  2. Click the New Access Token button
  3. Associate the Access Token to the Application (Integration), User and Role that you created in the steps above. 
  4. *IMPORTANT*: After clicking Save, you must Copy/Save the ID and Secret otherwise you will need to Reset Credentials. 

Configure the User Timezone

For Syncari to work correctly, the user's timezone must be set to GMT. REST Web Services use the authenticated user's timezone for API calls. 

  1. Login to NetSuite as the User that is associated to the Access Token created above. 
  2. Navigate to Set Preferences > General tab
  3. Under Localization set the Time Zone to GMT (Note: If this setting is greyed-out, you'll need to go into Setup → Company → Company Preferences to change the setting)


Gather Synapse Information

The following information is required to setup the NetSuite Synapse:

  • API Endpoint
    • Example endpoint url: https://<account id>
      Get your Account ID by going to Setup > Company Information
  • Consumer Key and Consumer Secret
  • Token Id and Token Secret

Synapse Setup in Syncari

Step 1: Start by logging into your Syncari subscription

  1. Navigate to Synapse Studio
  2. Find NetSuite in the Synapse Library
  3. Drag the NetSuite Synapse to the canvas

Step 2: Configure your Synapse parameters

  1. Enter [Synapse Name]
  2. Enter [Endpoint URL] 
    • Endpoint url format: https://<account id>
      Get your Account ID by going to Netsuite, Setup > Company Information
  3. Check this if you need to read data from Saved Searches
  4. Click Next

Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 2.09.42 PM.png

Step 3: Define your authentication parameters

  1. Enter [Consumer Key]
  2. Enter [Consumer Secret]
  3. Enter [Token ID]
  4. Enter [Token Secret]
  5. Click Authenticate
  6. Click Next

Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 2.25.46 PM.png

Step 4: Activate your Synapse

  1. Click Make Synapse Active
  2. Click Close

Screenshot 2024-06-17 at 2.10.57 PM.png

Congratulations! You have completed the setup of NetSuite.

If you receive any errors message after clicking Authenticate, confirm each of the parameters in the previous steps are configured properly. Contact Support if the error persists.

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