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Syncari makes it possible to configure/customize your subscription in a few different ways. From the settings view, you can modify your Subscription Profile, manage your Instances, Users, and Service Credentials. You can also get your Data Store credentials as well as activate, deactivate and configure Single Sign-On.

You can access Settings from the left navigation bar.


Subscription Profile

Your subscription represents your business account from this profile page you can change a few settings.


  1. Change your Subscription Name
  2. Reference your Subscription ID (Useful for troubleshooting with Syncari Support)
  3. Customize with your Company Logo
  4. Save your changes



Within your subscription, you can have multiple instances. Customers are given 1 production and 1 sandbox instances. These instances can be used to separate sandbox and/or production data as well as silo certain production data. 

Note: Customers are limited to 2 instances, and you may get an error if you try to add additional instances. If you need more, please reach out to and there may be an additional cost in order to cover our infrastructure costs per instance. Creating instances is limited to users with the Org Admin role. 


  1. You can use this button to create a new instance


The create instance process is as simple as choosing a Name, Display Name, Plan, and Type.



This page is where you manage the users and what role they have in each instance.


  1. Invite a new user
  2. Activate, Deactivate, and Delete users
  3. Change users instance access and permissions


Invite a new user by filling out their email, first name, and last name. Also select which instances they will have access to and what role they will have in each.

  • Org Admin - Can manage all instances, create/delete instances and do all the things including inviting new users.
  • Instance Admin - Can manage the individual instance.
  • Sync manager - Can't access settings but they can perform all other actions.
  • Viewer - Can only view what already exists within the instance.

Service Credentials

This page is where you manage access to APIs not related to data flow but instead things like enrichment and communication.


  1. Add a new credential. This dialog will look different depending on the service credential you are entering. For example, ZoomInfo requires a username and password but Clearbit only requires a key.
  2. Use this button to update or delete service credentials.


Data Store

Syncari offers you the ability to access the data stored in Syncari using any BI Tool or Database Query Tool that supports a Postgres connection. Once Data Store is provisioned this is where you will find your connection parameters so you can connect. 


  1. Use these Postgres parameters to configure your BI Tool or Database Query Tool
  2. Click the eye icon on your password to see it in plain text.


Single Sign-On

This is where you configure Single sign-on so your users can access Syncari using their existing SSO provider.


To learn more about setting up Single Sign On, please see SSO Setup


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