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Fragments provide a way to create and share templates of Entity Pipelines and Field Pipelines. You can use Fragments to quickly build parts of your Pipelines that are common across Entities and Fields. You can also use Fragments to share Pipelines from other instances within your subscription. 

Create a Fragment


Access the Fragment tab on the right panel of your Entity or Field Pipeline screen. Click the 'New' button to create a new Fragment. 


The next screen will provide you with a Name, Description and Tag option.

You can click the "Select All" option that appears above the Name field in order to include all nodes (except for the Source and Destination nodes) or click each individual node to include a subset of nodes in your new Fragment. 

Click Save to save your new Fragment.

Note that you cannot select the Source and Destination nodes as part of your Fragment. 

Use a Fragment


Using your Fragment when building a pipeline can help save time with having to configure commonly used nodes. To use a Fragment, drag and drop the Fragment from the Fragment panel onto your Pipeline canvas. 

Share a Fragment


You can share Fragments across other Instances in your Subscription. This is useful if you build pipelines in a sandbox instance and want to copy them to a production instance. To share a Fragment, click on the menu icon  IconThreeVerticalDots.png and select "Share Fragment". You'll be given the option to select which Instance(s) to share with. 

Delete a Fragment


To delete a Fragment, select click on the menu icon IconThreeVerticalDots.png on the Fragment and select Delete Fragment. 

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