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The Salesforce synapse leverages the Salesforce API to synchronize data between Salesforce objects—including custom objects— and Syncari entities. After activating the synapse, Syncari replicates the Salesforce schema and makes it available within the Syncari Unified Data Model. Use Sync Studio to map Salesforce objects to Syncari entities and Salesforce fields to Syncari fields. To accelerate the setup and configuration of these pipelines, Syncari provides a default mapping for the standard objects and fields in Salesforce.

Syncari provides two authentication methods for the Salesforce synapse:

  • OAuth 2.0—Use OAuth 2.0, which is the industry-standard protocol for authorization. OAuth 2.0 is the preferred method of authentication.
    Note: Syncari recommends connecting the Salesforce Synapse using OAuth 2.0 authentication.
    To set up the 
  • User credentials—Authenticate using the credentials for an individual user. 

The steps to connect to Salesforce differ depending on your selected authentication method. See the right article for how you'll set up the Salesforce synapse:

Enable Contacts to Multiple Accounts Merge

When you mix contacts with different main account links in Salesforce, the connection between the account and the non-main contact disappears instead of becoming an indirect link with the main contact.
There's also an issue with repeating relationships between account and contact records. In Salesforce, you can't blend two contacts if they're indirectly tied to the same account, or merge two accounts if they're indirectly connected to the same contact. Before you can merge them, you'll need to manually remove these duplicate relationships.
But here's the good news! Just check the flag, and it automatically takes care of those merging processes. Easy and efficient!

You will also need to enable a setting in your Salesforce instance for this to work. Go to Setup -> Feature Settings -> Sales -> Account -> Account Settings and enable "Allow users to relate a contact to multiple accounts"

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