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What does it do?

This action can be used in a pipeline to update a record in the connected external system using the provided external record id. Supports tokens for the id.


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Action Configuration

Configuration Description
Display label

Display label for this function. This will be helpful with identification when viewing your Pipeline


Brief description of this function


This is the synapse in which records need to be updated


Update records in the selected entity. This entity need not to have a pipeline.

Record Id

The id of the external record that needs to be Updated. You can use the token picker to select the field that contains the id.


Field: Choose the field of the entity and set a value.

New Value: The new value can be a token or a hardcoded value. You can add multiple fields and values.



Action Response

You can access the response using the token

{{Result From <node label>}}

The status can be accessed as

{{Result From <node label>.isSuccess}}

The errors can be accessed as

{{Result From <node label>.errors}}
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