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The Userflow Synapse enables the synchronization of User and Event data from Userflow to Syncari using the Userflow API for User data and Userflow webhooks ingesting Event data. Enabling this Synapse includes provisioning an API key in Userflow's dashboard and enabling the Synapse in Syncari.

Requirements & Reference

Supported Entities & Fields

User Entity Fields

Field Display Name Field API Name Field Data Type
Userflow User Id id String
Attributes attributes Object
Created At created_at datetime
Last Seen At last_seen_at datetime


Event Entity Fields

Field Display Name Field API Name Field Data Type
Event Id id String
Event Name name String
Attributes attributes Object
Created At created_at datetime
Time Of Event time datetime
User user Object
User Id user_id String
Group Id groupd_id String
Group group Object


Userflow Setup

To authenticate with Userflow you must first retrieve or generate some credentials within the Userflow dashboard. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. In the Userflow dashboard click on the Gear icon in the left-side nav bar to reach your settings and navigate to the API section. From here, if you have any existing API keys, they will appear here. These can be revealed and copied by clicking the Reveal API key button.

    Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 7.46.51 AM.png

  2. If no API key exists, click on the New API key button and enter a name for your API key. Once you fill that out and click the Create API key button, your key will be generated and you can complete the instructions from Step 1.

    Screen Shot 2024-02-02 at 10.26.25 AM.png

  3. Make sure you've defined some Events in your Userflow instance. This is a required step for Syncari to ingest Userflow events via webhook. Click on Event Trackers in the left-side nav bar. If you need to create a new event type, click on the Create event tracker button.

    Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 9.18.54 AM.png

Configure the Userflow Synapse in Syncari

At this point, you should have created an API key in Userflow and copied it to your clickboard. You should also have created at least one Event in Userflow.

  1. In Synapse Studio in the Syncari dashboard find the Userflow Synapse near the bottom of the Synapse Library navbar on the right-hand side of the screen.

    Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 12.03.02 PM.png

  2. From here, an authentication dialog box will appear. Provide a Synapse Name of your choice and specify the Endpoint URL using the following endpoint

    Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 12.05.28 PM.png

  3. Clicking on the Next button will take you to step 2, the Authenticate screen. Here, add the API Key and click the Save and authenticate button. If you receive a success message you will be prompted to Activate the Synapse and begin building pipelines.

How Syncari Ingests Userflow Events

Unlike a traditional data sync, where Syncari batch processes data at defined intervals, Userflow events are ingested by Syncari individually via Webhook. This means that Userflow sends individual event payloads, as they occur, to an endpoint that Syncari provides.

This changes your usage of Syncari slightly because the concepts of Syncs and Sync Cycles no longer apply. Instead, Syncari will automatically subscribe to Userflow webhooks as soon as you authenticate the Synapse. Once you've published pipelines for the Event entity and its fields Event data will automatically populate in Syncari as soon as the first Userflow event is triggerd

Common Errors and Debugging

The most common error you'll see is when you've hit your limit of webhook subscriptions in Userflow. To remedy this, you'll have to delete a few webhook subscriptions. As of the date of this doc's publishing, the only way to do so is via API.

Use an HTTP client like Postman to first retrieve a list of webhook subscriptions from Userflow and then delete each subscription manually using the Delete endpoint.

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