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The Oracle database Synapse enables data synchronization between Oracle database schema and Syncari entities. After the Synapse is authenticated, a user can activate the Oracle Synapse, which enables Syncari to replicate the schema of Oracle and make it available within the Unified Data Model. Using Sync Studio, a user can map Oracle tables to Syncari entities, and Oracle fields to Syncari fields.

If your Oracle security requires you to whitelist an IP you can find that here.


Oracle DB Information

You will need the following information from your Oracle administrator:

  • Host Address
  • Port
  • Service Name
  • Database Schema Name
  • Database Time Zone
  • Username
  • Password

Recommended process for creating a new database for use with Syncari

If you plan on connecting the synapse to a newly created database, our recommended process is to do the following:

  • Create a new dedicated Syncari sync user
    • CREATE USER “<username>” IDENTIFIED BY “<password>” DEFAULT TABLESPACE <databasename> TEMPORARY TABLESPACE <databasename>
  • Grant permissions to the newly created user on the new database
    • GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON <databasename>.* TO <username>


Synapse Setup

Step 1: Start by logging in to your Syncari subscription

  1. Navigate to Synapses
  2. Find Oracle in the Synapse Library
  3. Drag the Oracle Synapse to the canvas



Step 2: Configure your Synapse parameters

  1. Enter [Synapse Name]
    1. This will be the label name for the Synapse in Syncari
  2. Enter [Host]
  3. Enter [Service Name]
  4. Enter [Port]
  5. Enter [Schema Name]
  6. Enter [Oracle Timezone ID]
  7. Click [Next][OPTIONAL] Instantiate with Syncari entities - Enables Syncari to automatically create entities in Oracle
  8. The "Instantiate with Syncari entities" option enables all the existing entities in Syncari to be created as tables in Oracle. This feature is useful if you want the schema from the Syncari Unified Data Model to be replicated in Oracle.
  9. Talk to one of our Onboarding and Support Team members if you would like any clarification or a recommendation.



Step 3: Define your authentication parameters and authenticate:

  1. Enter [User Name]
  2. Enter [Password]
  3. Click "Save and Authenticate"
  4. Click "Next"



Step 4: Activate your Synapse

  1. Click "Make Synapse Active"
  2. Click "Close"


Congratulations! You have completed the setup of Oracle.

If you receive any errors message after clicking Authenticate, confirm each of the parameters in the previous steps are configured properly. If the error persists, contact one of our Onboarding and Support team members.


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