Pipeline Errors and Warnings

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Error and Warnings that happen during Sync are captured in Syncari. These can be useful indicators of Pipeline health and can be used to troubleshoot and debug the Pipelines.

Pipeline Errors

Pipeline goes into an Error state when a fatal failure is experienced during Sync. Examples of fatal failure include errors during execution of a Function or an error connecting to a Source. These failures abort the Sync and downstream nodes are not executed from the point of failure. When the failure happens, the Sync is retried up to 3 hours. If the failure continues to happen, then the Pipeline is paused and moved to an Error state. Error indicator would show up in Sync Details view as shown below. 

Pipeline Error - Summary View.pngWe can go into the Pipeline to see more details about the error. Here we see the error is due to "Date Difference" function node. We can navigate to the node with the error through "Go to".

Pipeline Error - Detail View 1.png

Pipeline Error - Go To.png

Pipeline Warnings

Warnings in the Pipeline are caused by errors and failures that do not cause Sync to be aborted but nevertheless can cause problems with data in Syncari and in Connected systems. Warnings can be caused by two class of issues.

  • Errors during Action execution
  • Error writing to destination synapses.

Warning indicator is shown if the last Sync cycle had any warnings.

Pipeline Warning Summary View 1.png We can navigate to the Pipeline view to look at the details about the warnings. We can see both kinds of warnings in the image below.

  • Warning due to an error writing to Destination synapse.
  • Warning due to an error in Action "Update External Record"

The warnings in the right hand panel are sorted by how many records were affected by the warning during the Sync cycle, with most frequent warning at the top.

Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 11.07.19 AM.png

We can also navigate to view the records affected by these errors through "View warnings" link. This link would navigate to "Sync Errors" in the case of errors writing to Destination and to "Transaction Logs" in the case of Action errors.

Pipeline Warning Sync Errors View.png

Pipeline Warning Transaction Log Errors.png

Pipeline Activity View

You can also view the errors and warnings that happened in the last Sync cycle through "Current Activity" tab.

Piple Sync Status View.png


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