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Users with the Org Admin permission can manage instances under your Syncari subscription. Work with your Org Admin to manage the creation, deletion and naming of your Syncari instances.

Partners that are looking to manage their instances via the API should refer to the API documentation here. This help article will provide you with information on how to manage your Syncari instances using the user interface. 

Limits on the number of Instances

Standard Customer Subscriptions are allowed a maximum of 3 instances.

Partner Subscriptions have the ability to create an unlimited number of instances.

View your Instances

You can view all instances associated with your subscription by going to Settings > Instances

Create an Instance

To create a new instance,

  1. Go to Settings > Instances
  2. Click on the Create Instance button.The Create Instance button will be greyed out if you have reached your instance limit. Delete any unused instances or Contact Support for assistance. 
  3. Set the Name and Display Name. The Name will be set as the database/api name and cannot be modified after creation. Make sure you set a unique Name and Display Name so that you can easily locate your instances.
    Set the Type. Your Options for Type will be Production or Sandbox. There is no limit to the number of Production or Sandbox instances but make sure you designate the correct type according to how you will use the instance. 
    The Plan field cannot be modified and will always be set to "Default". This has no affect on your instance.

Change the Display Name of an Instance

You can change the Display Name of your instance. The database / api name cannot be modified.

  1. When viewing your instances, click the kebab icon under the Actions column on the instance that will be renamed.
  2. Enter a new Display Name. Note, the Type is not editable


Delete an Instance

Deleting an instance is permanent. Deleted instances cannot be restored so use this option with caution. 

  1. On the Instances screen (Settings > Instances), click the kebab icon under the Actions column for the instance that will be deleted. Then select Delete
  2. Enter the word DELETE on the confirmation modal. Then click the Delete button.


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