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To enable insights for your instance, go to Insights Studio using the left navigation and click the "Enable Feature" button in the top. By enabling insights you will be able to create custom reports on top of the unified data in Syncari. The process of syncing data to Syncari Datastore may take some time and you might see some inconsistencies in your dashboard during this period. 


Once the data starts syncing you can see the status of each entity in the data studio. At this point, you can start creating dashboards but you might see some inconsistencies until the sync is complete.


In the data studio you'll see the entities having exclamation icon next to them. You can hover over it to see the pending records that are yet to be synced to Datastore. 

Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 11.57.22 AM.png

Once all the records are synced you'll receive a notification saying insights is ready to be used.

Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 12.00.19 PM.png

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