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The Sync Error Log displays errors that occur when you pipelines failed to create, update, delete or merge records at the configured destinations. You will only see errors that occur with the destination side operations (writing to the synapse) and not with the source side operations (reading from the synapse). Use the Sync Error log to troubleshoot any issues with updating records at the destination synapse(s).


Access the Sync Error log

The Sync Error Log is found by going to Logs > Sync Errors

Reading the Sync Error log

The default timeframe used when displaying the Sync Errors is the last 1 day. You will have to adjust the date range if you are researching any errors that have occurred prior to that time. The text included within the Error and Error Detail is often information that is provided by the synapse's API. Error messages can have lots of technical information provided so be sure to read the full message. Feel free to contact support if any help is needed with interpreting the errors. 

The Sync Errors will include the following information:

  • Synapse - The name of the (destination) synapse that recorded an error
  • Syncari Entity Name - The name of the entity pipeline that encountered an error
  • Syncari Record ID -  The link will open the Syncari record. 
  • External Entity Name - The name of the entity/object in the destination synapse.
  • External Entity ID - The id of the record at the destination synapse. Note that this value may be blank if Syncari does not have information on the external record (eg. if a create transaction failed)
  • Operation - The operation that was attempted with the destination synapse. Values can be Create, Update, Delete or Merge
  • Error and Error Detail - The Error will include a summarized error message. Error Detail will provide you with the full error details. Note that this information is typically the error message returned by the API of the destination synapse.
  • Occurred Date - The timestamp of when the error occurred. The timezone is displayed in your configured timezone.


You can update the filter to specify a Date Range, Operation, Synapse, Syncari Entity and/or Syncari Record ID. Click the Apply button after modifying your filter conditions in order to see the updated list of Sync Errors. 



You can export your Sync Errors by clicking the Export as CSV button. 


Prefer watching a video? Watch How to use Sync Errors

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