Release Notes (October 2023)

Neelesh Shastry
Neelesh Shastry
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New Features

New Sync Studio Pipeline Toolbar

We have reorganized the toolbar on pipelines to get better visibility into the state of the pipeline and consolidated common actions under a single menu.  



Insights Dataset Aliases

You can now set user friendly names on sources in a dataset. This also allows you to build reports and cards that represent parent-child hierarchies. For example, you can now build an account hierarchy report aggregating contacts, opportunities and/or other metrics at each account level.

Learn more about Dataset Aliases


Insights Dashboard Variables

Often, datasets and datacards can accept user input. These are called "Variables".  So far, variables were not accessible from a dashboard and all the data cards that had variables were using a default value. With this new feature, you can now configure and propagate variable values to datacards directly using the dashboard.

For example, if a datacard supported start date and end date as variables for a product usage metric, you can now configure these values on a dashboard to look at the metric value for different time periods.

This makes dashboards more flexible and customizable for a particular user. 

Learn More about Dashboard Variables


Pendo Feedback Synapse

This new synapse  allows you to enhance the 360 view of your accounts by bringing in feature requests and votes from Pendo Feedback. You can now build processes that alert product management on important customers voting on a feature or requesting a new feature, or automatically creating feature requests in JIRA or other feature/issue tracking tools. When the feature makes progress, you can also notify not only the users who voted/request on that feature, but also executive sponsors and other stakeholders of the account. 

Learn more about this synapse


Support webhooks in MS Dynamics

Syncari can now listen to record delete events from Microsoft Dynamics for the following objects : "contact", "account", "lead", "opportunity","competitor", "quote", "salesorder", "invoice", "product"


New Objects in Netsuite

Support for new Netsuite objects: "cashsale", "creditmemo", "cashrefund", "purchaseorder", and "customerrefund"



  • Products are now proper reference fields in Hubspot line items. You don't have to explicitly manage product references anymore.
  • Support for references in Contract Detail object in Sage Intacct
  • Added a new function "Extract Text". You can now extract pieces of data from text using regular expressions. Learn More
  • Added support for dates in Hubspot
  •  Faster live tests
  • Added a new Function "Remove Duplicates". You can now remove duplicate entries from a list of values.  Learn More

Syncari APIs

No Changes to APIs

Resolved Issues & Minor Updates

We've fixed and implemented over 30 issues & minor updates  in this release. Some notable ones are listed here.

  • Help link in Custom Actions menu
  • Better pipeline validations for inactive source and destination fields
  • Fixes to resync feature in Microsoft Business Central Synapse
  • Better handling of null values in Set Value function
  • Fixes to errors while downloading logs for Custom Synapses
  • Better handling of deleted records coming from sources
  • Fix source predicate behavior with records pending in a wait action
  • Fix Subscription Item sync issues in Stripe
  • Search inside field mapper
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