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It is recommended to run tests on the draft pipeline before publishing to ensure the pipeline is working as expected. Simulated tests allow you to test the pipeline without querying external systems unlike live tests. This saves you external api calls, however does not verify updates to end systems. This option is recommended when testing the logic of transformations within the pipeline. Simulated tests cannot be cancelled once started. There are no transactions logged for simulated tests.

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Creating New Test

You can start a new test using the button on the right panel. In the configuration, provide a display name and description on what the test is verifying. Lets use an example of camel casing the incoming Company Name from Hubspot and verify the results. Provide the mock input values, in this case, we are setting the incoming Hubspot company name as "hubspot inc".


Now provide the expected outcome value. We expect the result to be "Hubspot Inc"


Save and Run

The next few steps show how you can save this test and run. The saved test can be rerun again in future using the Rerun option from the kebob options.

Step 3.pngStep 4.pngStep 5.png

Analyzing Results

Once you run the test, the results will be available in the right and bottom panel as shown below. Voila! We saw how simple it is to verify the transformation logic in the pipeline without running the full syncc cycle and calling external systems. A notification will also be sent to your in-app inbox upon completion of the test.

Step 6.png


There are certain nodes that are excluded during the simulation test execution. Below is the full list. To verify these nodes, please use live tests.

  • All action nodes are skipped during simulation test run.
  • AttachRecord function 
  • Dedupe/Merge
  • All Enrich functions
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