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Syncari's GPT actions empower you to harness the potential of Generative AI through OpenAI. Syncari offers a selection of pre-built GPT actions, as outlined below. These actions seamlessly integrate into your pipelines, just like any other actions. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to craft your own custom GPT actions using Syncari's Custom Action feature.

Note : By using any of these actions, you are agreeing to send your data to OpenAI. These out of the box actions do not mask or obfuscate any data being sent to OpenAi.


In order to leverage GPT actions, you will need OpenAI paid account. Once you have the account, generate the bearer token and create a service credential (Settings -> Service Credential) in Syncari.

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SentimentGPT action is an action that can accept any text and analyze sentiment. The analysis result is a one word sentiment - one of positive, negative or neutral.

In the configuration, you can set the field via token picker that needs to be analyzed for sentiment.

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Here is an example pipeline illustrating how the data from jira ticket can be used to analyze sentiment. Using Syncari's decision node, you can decide the appropriate action. 

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 4.04.53 PM.png

The response from SentimentGPT can be accessed as 

{{Action Result From SentimentGPT Detect Sentiment.choices[0].message.content}}


AddressGPT is action that can extract mailing address from a block of text. 

In the configuration, you can set the field via token picker that contains a block of text from which address can be extracted.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 4.14.38 PM.png

The response from AddressGPT can be accessed as 

{{Action Result From AddressGPT.choices[0].message.content}}


An action that can accept a name and return the standard form. Example : IBM is returned as International Business Machines.

In the configuration, you can set the name field via token picker.

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 4.17.31 PM.png

The response from NameGPT can be accessed as 

{{Action Result From NameGPT.choices[0].message.content}}
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