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What does it do?

This action updates zero or more records in the specified Syncari entity. 

Zero or more Update transaction will be logged after executing this action.


Action Configuration

Configuration Description
Syncari Entity

Update records in the selected entity. This entity does not need to have a pipeline. You can update records in any published Syncari  entity.

If there is already a published pipeline for the selected entity, the updated records will flow through the destination side nodes of that pipeline, and to the destinations connected, if any.

Reject Empty

If the New Value is null for a field, that field will not be updated. Empty strings ("") will still go through the update.


The filter condition find the records to update

Do not match on blank values

If this flag is enabled and the right-hand side of any condition is left blank, the entire condition expression will be evaluated as false.

Update Fields

Field: The field to update on all matching records. 

New Value: The new value can be a token or a hardcoded value. The record being updated is available in the context as {{current}}. You can use this to derive new values based on existing values. For example


This token is only available within the New Value field. 

Operation: Use 'Append','Prepend','Remove' or 'Replace' to add to the beginning or end, remove an item or replace the entire value for a multivalued field.

Use 'Prefix', 'Suffix' or  'Replace' for other fields to prefix, suffix or replace the current value. If left blank, it defaults to 'Replace'.

Operation is ignored for other field types and the value is always replaced.



Action Response

The number of records updated is available in the context as


For example, if the entity selected was account,


will return the number of records

You can also access this number using the token

{{Action Result From <node label>}}
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