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What does it do?

This action creates a new record in the specified Syncari entity. 

A Create transaction will be logged after executing this action.


Action Configuration

Configuration Description
Syncari Entity

Select the entity to create a record. This entity does not need to have a pipeline. You can create a record in any published Syncari  entity

If there is already a published pipeline for the selected entity, the newly created record will flow through the destination side nodes of that pipeline, and to the destinations connected, if any.


Field: Choose the field of the entity and set a value. 

New Value: The value can be a token or a hardcoded value.

You can add multiple fields and values.



Action Response

The newly created record is available in the context as

{{Record from <node label>}}

You can also access the newly created record using the token

{{Action Result From <node label>}}


Some example tokens you can use downstream. In the below examples, Create Record is the display label of the node

{{Record from Create}}
{{Record from Create Record.values.FirstName}} (assuming FirstName is a field on this entity)
{{Action Result From Create}}

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