Release Notes for Syncari (August 2023)

Aaron Rosenthal
Aaron Rosenthal
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These are the release notes for features Syncari introduced in August 2023. If you have any questions about these items, please contact customer support.

New Features This Month

Pipeline Versioning

Ever modified or deleted a pipeline only to wish you could restore a past version? Well now you can with Pipeline Versioning. Keep track of your pipeline changes by creating new versions with each update, restore past pipelines, and compare versions with other entity and field pipelines within the same instance. Pipeline versioning enables better collaboration between multiple pipeline editors by attributing changes to each user while encouraging iterative pipeline optimizations with confidence that past pipelines can always be restored. 

In addition to user-initiated versioning, a pipeline version is also automatically created each time a draft pipeline is created from an active pipeline as well as when a pipeline is restored a version will be created the current state of the pipeline being overwritten. 


Pipeline Versioning.gif

See the 11min intro video for Pipeline Versioning

GPT Actions

We've introduced three new GPT-powered actions letting you leverage generative AI in your Syncari Pipelines. 

  • NameGPT
    • An action that can accept a name and return the standard form. Example: IBM is returned as International Business Machines.
  • SentimentGPT
    • An action that can accept text and analyze for sentiment. This action requires an OpenAI paid account.
  • AddressGPT
    • An action that can extract mailing address from a block of text.



Inline creation of fields in Field Mapper

We've introduced a shortcut for creating a new field directly from within Field Mapper for cases when the field you want doesn't already exist. This way you can keep your field mapping workflow largely in one place without having to toggle back and forth between Field mapper and Schema Studio.



Pendo Synapse support for NPS metrics

We've added NPS fields to the Pendo Synapse allowing you to build new workflows


Source Field filters

When you're connecting multiple systems, mapping these record IDs from one system to another becomes crutial. We do have ID mappings in Syncari but they weren't available for filtering, lookup criteria, or if you wanted to sync these IDs back to the destinations system. 

So now when you add a source or destination node in a pipeline, we look at the IDs of the entity. 



Insights Studio: Pagination for table data cards

We previously limited datasets to 100 rows, now data is paginated in data cards 




  • Add prorate behavior to Stripe subscription
  • Make customer and subscription attributes in Stripe Invoice schema to be modified
  • Restrict clicking the Next button on the Synapse modal unless the authenticated state is green
  • Added cache to manage S3 clients and increase client max connections
  • Support for writing to Visitor and Account objects in Pendo
  • Allow disconnected records to be created in the destination
  • Allow child entities to be used as first-class objects for MS BizCentral Synapse
  • Support for i18n service credential types
  • Intacct Synapse enhanced to support writing to destination
  • Patch support added for NetSuite client
  • Viewer role allowed to view field mappings on field mapper
  • Enforce uniqueness on API name for all Synapses (standard and custom)


Embed Releases:

  • API enhancement to support the new "Create Field" dropdown


Performance Improvements:

  • Performance optimization for Temp Variables runtime with up to 200x improvement
  • Attach record optimizations


Resolved Issues

  • Use cursor for pagination while reading Merge Logs on the destination side
  • Issues resolved related to simulation tests
  • Adding Syncari ID support while querying for entity data
  • Datetime watermark supported for BigQuery
  • Creating an entity from a source entity marked read-only does not make the Syncari fields as read-only
  • Validation added to check if the source side of the pipeline is directly connected to the destination
  • Read-only property added to Syncari fields, a property that determines if a field can be updated or not.
  • Validation added to disallow deleting published custom Synapse
  • Users should not be able to create a Syncari field with polymorphic reference data type
  • Application to compare zoned datetime using epoch milliseconds to avoid any zone differences during conversions
  • Org Admin can now edit instance names
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