Custom Synapse Pre-Requisites

Austin Gardner
Austin Gardner
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Syncari offers an SDK that allows you to connect to any API supported, 3rd party platform. This is a key technology that makes our platform so extensible. In order to build a Custom Synapse, here are the pre-requisites needed for you to consider for a smooth integration.

Questions to consider for your Use Case

  • Data flow direction:
    • Do you need data coming into Syncari one-way?
    • Pushing out to the 3rd-Party platform one-way?

    • Bi-directional sync?

  • Which entities/objects do you need to be supported?
  • Additional notes:
    • For any 3rd party integration, the entities/objects required must be supported by the 3rd party API. Syncari can only sync data that is made available by the API.
    • Syncari Custom SDK is data-driven (not action-driven) meaning it will pull data based on a created or modified record in the Source system

API Considerations

  • Can you share API documentation for this platform?

  • Is it a REST API? SOAP API? Or another type?

  • What’s the authentication method? (Oath, username/pw, custom authentication, etc.)

  • Is there a method to pull by date range?

  • Is there a method to pull by unique ID?

  • Does the API support pagination?

  • Does the API support Schema API/endpoint?
  • Is the data in the system immediately available, or is there a delay in the data refresh?

  • Do you have a Sandbox environment available for your 3rd-party platform? This will be key for testing and evaluating the API

  • Does the platform impose any API call limitations (especially relevant to enrichment providers)?

  • Does the platform impose rate limits (especially relevant to enrichment providers)?

  • If no API, where is the data stored today (PostgreSQL, Amazon S3 bucket, GoogleSheets, etc.)?


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