Release Notes for Syncari (July 2023)

Aaron Rosenthal
Aaron Rosenthal
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These are the release notes for features Syncari introduced in July 2023. If you have any questions about these items, please contact customer support.

New Features This Month

MS Dynamics Business Central Synapse

Our customers asked, and we delivered! Syncari now supports Microsoft Dynamics Business Central as a source Synapse allowing customers to tap into this leading ERP solution to extract valuable data from sales, service, projects, and revenue operations. Whether you're tracking opportunities, managing quote-to-cash, matching leads to accounts, or developing a customer health score from service data, this Synapse can help you get what you need.

MS Dynamics Business Central Synapse.gif

Custom Icons for Custom Actions

Custom Actions now support custom icons which can provide a useful visual cue for the custom actions within your pipelines and what they do. 

When creating a custom action you will now see the option for a Custom Icon at the bottom of the Basic Settings configuration step where you can upload or drag-and-drop your own icons in JPEG or PNG format. 

Custom Action Custom Icon.gif

Syncari Support Chatbot

Our customers can now leverage the new Syncari Support Chatbot for help and to locate support articles within the Syncari Academy. Once logged into Syncari, click the (?) Icon to begin.
Users will be presented with two options:

  • Syncari Support Topics- Presenting a list of knowledge base articles to enable customers to achieve desired outcomes in the platform from a list of How-To guides and videos
  • Connect with Support - Direct access to our trusted support managers for instant troubleshooting and workflow support.


Syncari Insights: Multiple Series Line Chart

Say goodbye to the limitations of a single-line chart. This feature adds support for multiple lines on a single data card, each representing a different data series over a common set of categories or time periods. instantly enriching your dashboards and providing customers with a deeper holistic view of data.

This new feature, along with multi-series bar charts, can offer valuable insights into your business. They can be used for:

  • Trend Analysis - Visualize trends and patterns in multiple data series over time to identify growth, decline, or stagnation.
  • Comparative Analysis - Compare the performance of different products, regions, or departments using multiple lines to assess relative performance.
  • Correlation Assessment - Analyze relationships between variables by plotting them on the same chart to identify potential correlations or causalities.
  • Performance Tracking - Monitor and track KPIs and metrics for various business aspects simultaneously to evaluate progress toward goals and objectives.

Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 11.29.47 PM.png


  • Relative time supported in Merge Studio when selecting a winner
  • Ability to configure Batch Size in Salesforce for Destination Side Syncs
  • Changes persisted to variable values in dashboard data cards
  • Batching implemented for the S3 Synapse
  • Updated Marketo Synapse to perform the native merge function

Embed Releases:

  • API to query data from a paginated dataset
  • API to list datasets

Resolved Issues

  • Stripe Billing Cycle Anchor field to be sent as a timestamp when creating a subscription
  • Fixed Merge Studio details to be hidden after filtering fields
  • Sort the entities in Sync Studio according to the case
  • Positional Parameters fixed in External Record Lookup
  • Validation added for multi-valued field mapped to a single field
  • Validation added when user tries to add multiple core nodes
  • Adding errortype validation for error API
  • Parse the node position returned by graphviz as double to account for decimal values
  • Wrap the title of a node for functions and actions when the names are long
  • Auto arrange fixed with new nodes in Synapses Studio
  • Clear RHS fields in Merge Studio when the user changes the operator 
  • Validate that all redirects to URLs are relative and stay at the current site
  • Prompt user to save changes to the Field Mapper when closing modal
  • Added resolve method to Create Syncari Record Function for Quickstarts
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