Release Notes for Syncari (June 2023)

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Aaron Rosenthal
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These are the release notes for features Syncari introduced in June 2023. If you have any questions about these items, please contact customer support.

New Features This Month


Syncari Synapse with Time Ticker entity

Ever wanted to use Syncari pipelines when you don't have a source but still want to take action based on a schedule? Now you can with the new Time Ticker entity, which acts as a source in your pipeline and allows you to now trigger an automation on a schedule with second-level granularity. 



Here are some examples of how you might use the Time Ticker scheduler: 

  • Scheduled Pipeline with Slack Message: Schedule a pipeline to run every Monday morning and send a Slack message automatically. This can be useful for sending regular updates, reminders, or notifications to team members or stakeholders.
  • On-Call Rotation Management: Build a pipeline to manage on-call rotations. By using Time Ticker, you can easily set up and manage rotating on-call schedules for your team, ensuring proper coverage and accountability.
  • SQL Query to Update Account Records: Pull records from a database using SQL queries and use them to schedule a nightly update of account records in Syncari. This allows you to keep your Syncari records up-to-date with the latest information from external sources.


Export Schema to CSV in Schema Studio

This new feature allows you to easily export your data schemas to a CSV file, enhancing documentation, auditing, and sharing capabilities within your organization. This can also be particularly useful when trying to understand the schema of source systems to help build mappings between systems. 

From Schema Studio select the desired entity field then "Export as CSV". The export will reflect the current configuration of visible columns in the UI. 



New Update External Records Action

This update empowers you to seamlessly update records in external systems, enabling smoother data synchronization and enhancing your data management capabilities.

Imagine a situation where you have an incoming opportunity and need to update the corresponding account in an external system. Previously, you had to set "Account" as the destination before making the update. With this latest release, you can now directly update a record in the external system, simplifying the process and saving valuable time.


LHS Token for Filters

The Decision Function now supports the ability to select lookup results and temporary variables from the dropdown. Type to search is also supported within the dropdown field. Previously you were only able to select lookup results as an object but now you can select the individual field from the object. 


Syncari Insights: Multiple Series Bar Chart

Data cards now support multi-series bar charts, providing a way to explore and analyze multiple datasets simultaneously, so you can identify trends or compare data across categories. 

Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 11.29.47 PM.png

Syncari Insights: Funnel Step Ratio

The funnel data card now supports step ratios which are displayed between each stage of the funnel. This enhancement to the funnel visualization can be particularly useful when measuring conversion rates of customers through your sales process and beyond. Whatever the process you’re looking to optimize, if it has multiple steps you’ll likely want to use these step ratios. 



Support for New Data Enrichment Providers:

  • Apex Analytix: For company enrichment
  • Aidentified: For people enrichment


  • BigQuery Insert only option for Destination side
  • Pagination of Datasets now supported in Syncari Insights
  • Adding TLS 1.2 support for mails
  • Upgrade Snowflake Synapse to support more recent JDBC driver 
  • Edit schema supported for SFTP Synapse
  • Resolved 20+ npm vulnerabilities and upgrade to webpack 5
  • Added support for TLS protocols for MySQL
  • Deep link Syncari Record ID in Sync Error Log
  • User can create the numeric field without specifying precision and scale values in Schema Studio
  • Add Syncari ID to the list of attributes of entities in Syncari Insights datasets
  • Updated NodeJS  to version 16.20.1
  • Show "Paused by: [username]" in EP toolbar
  • Marketo Ceate Lead Action with modes and Lookup Field
  • New Date functions in Syncari Insights

Embed Releases:

  • API to delete reference dataset  

Performance Improvements:

  • Entity Repo/ID mapping batching


Resolved Issues

  • BOM encoding is now allowed when uploading CSV files
  • API names are now displayed on both LHS and RHS of the dropdown fields
  • Added billing_cycle_anchor to Stripe subscriptions
  • Queries on data endpoint API to use POST method.
  • URL decoder to encode special characters to solve the issue of double encoding
  • Boolean flag switches fixed on custom Synapse
  • Updated code to always look for the published version of the entity to match attributes when the CSV file is being uploaded
  • Pagination added to reference datasets
  • Added “_” and “-” characters in the Lookup Reference function 
  • Retry Marketo program create action if 20 sec API limit is reached
  • Custom Action records now have the name as user-defined apiName (same as other standard actions)

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