Using the Delete Syncari Record Action

Reza Farpour
Reza Farpour
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Syncari offers a multitude of actions that can be used to build your data pipelines.


  Warning: It's imperative that you test, then test again and then test some more when it comes to automating deletions.




Delete Syncari Record


  • ✅️ Entity Pipeline: Yes
  • ✅️ Field Pipeline: Yes


Using this action, you can automate the deletion of Syncari records based on the conditions of your choice. You'll also have the option to delete them from external systems at the same time.

Noteworthy Facts

  • The record flowing through the pipeline will continue through regardless of the deletion of the record from the Syncari database. This means if you are using this action on the source side, you'll need to build logic to make sure it doesn't immediately get recreated after it gets deleted.


  1. Display Label: Enter the name you want to give this function on the canvas.
  2. Description: Enter a few words to remember what this functions purpose is in your pipeline.
  3. Syncari Entity: Select the Syncari entity you want to search for records to delete.
  4. Filter Conditions: Set the criteria to find the records you want to have deleted.
  5. Delete In End System: When “Delete in End System” is True, the Syncari record is soft deleted (Is Syncari Deleted = True) and the eternal record is deleted. When “Delete in End System” is False, the Syncari record is hard deleted and the external record is left untouched.


The example pipeline above ensures that the inbound record isn't a new record, if it is, we shouldn't try to delete it from Syncari as it doesn't exist yet (The Syncari node is further downstream from this decision).

If the inbound record is coming in due to an update, we will then evaluate if the record should be deleted, if so, we will process the deletion of the record from Syncari Data Studio

When a record is soft deleted in Syncari, you'll see two things happen:

  1. "Is Syncari Deleted" will be flipped to "TRUE" (you can filter on this in Data Studio)
  2. The ID mapping between the source record and Syncari record is marked as Deleted
  3. You'll see a transaction logged for the deletion on the records lineage

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