Release Notes for Syncari (May 2023)

Aaron Rosenthal
Aaron Rosenthal
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These are the release notes for features Syncari introduced in May 2023. If you have any questions about these items, please contact customer support.


New Features This Month


Syncari Insights Releases

Funnel Visualization

We’ve added support in Syncari Insights for Funnel data cards. Funnels are a great way to analyze and track the progression of a series of steps or stages in the customer lifecycle. By using the funnel data card, you can gain a clear understanding of how users progress through a series of steps and identify opportunities to optimize and improve conversion rates at each stage.



Export Dataset

Syncari Insights now supports the ability to export the dataset of a data card allowing users to conduct more in-depth analysis in 3rd party reporting tools or sharing with external clients and stakeholders. Once an export is started, users are notified in-app when the export is complete and available for download in CSV format. 



Data Card Labels

Data cards now support labeling which can be used to describe the query parameters of a data card. Users will now see a new data card section called “label”. This new feature enforces collaboration between stakeholders by providing additional context to the data visualized in each data card.



Delete Syncari Record Action

Now you can use the delete Syncari record action to delete records in the end system in addition to deleting the record in the Syncari data store. 



Field Mapper Usability Updates

We've made a number of layout and usability improvements to the field mapper including: 

  • Added multi-select functionality to the add mapping table
  • Added a delete confirmation modal to prevent accidental deletion
  • Add mapped and unmapped groups to the field mapping drop-down to easily identify which fields have been mapped and those which haven't
  • Renamed Sync Type labels - "sync from" is now "source", "bidirectional" is now "both", and "sync to" has been renamed to "destination"




  • Stripe Synapse improvements to support subscription and invoice creation with coupons
  • Support for Hubspot scopes 
  • Support for Hubspot associations including deal_associations, contact_associations and company_association


Resolved Issues

  • Timestamp datatype to have a token selection available
  • Optimizations made to the pipeline to improve sync cycle performance
  • Improvements made to batch load all nodes and edges together across all Field pipelines.
  • Custom Synapse updated to support new urllib3 v1.26.0
  • S3 Synapse re-sync fixed to fetch huge set of records
  • Salesforce Oauth issues fixed
  • Improved load time for large user lists
  • Nodes that are part of a collapsed group are no longer selected by the multi-select lasso
  • Additional core node validation added when user validates a pipeline
  • Gaps in watermarks processing between consecutive sync cycles fixed in Marketo Synapse
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