Release Notes for Syncari (April 2023)

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Aaron Rosenthal
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These are the release notes for features Syncari introduced in April 2023. If you have any questions about these items, please contact customer support.


New Features This Month

Syncari Insights Releases

Support for Ranges in Metric Data Cards

We've added the ability to configure colored ranges in metric data cards so you can gain better visibility into performance against tracked metrics with just a glance. Each metric data card now offers the option to create min and max ranges with custom display colors and labels for each range. 



New Gauges Data Card with Ranges

We've introduced a new gauge data card to Syncari Insights so you can visualize data that measures progress toward a goal or a specific metric. Gauges are a great way to measure performance at a glance and can be used for tracking KPIs, comparing performance across different groups, track progress towards goals, or identifying trends and patterns hidden in your customer data. 

The new gauge data card can be configured with any min & max values as well as pre-defining colored ranges for quick identification of good vs bad performance. 



Copy Data Card and Copy Dataset

Syncari Insights now supports the ability to copy data cards and datasets allowing users to quickly iterate and optimize already configured visualizations. Once a data card has been created you will now see the option to duplicate card from the kabab dropdown which will then populate a new data card alongside the original in the dashboard. You can also duplicate both data cards and datasets from the right-side panel. 

Copy data card from dashboard

Copy dataset from side panel


Support Lookup External Record for Salesforce

The Lookup External Record function now supports Salesforce as a lookup source. This allows you to run a lookup, similar to the Lookup Syncari Record function, but instead allows you to look directly at an external system like Salesforce instead of the Syncari data set. This is especially useful when you have a large dataset that will be used infrequently within Syncari and isn't necessarily part of your unified data model. Search conditions let you run a SQL query for lookup within Salesforce on a single entity. 



Support Files and Attachments in Salesforce

For companies that have remained on Salesforce Classic, one of the challenges when upgrading to Salesforce Lightning is the difference between how Salesforce handles attachments and files. Salesforce Files, a feature available in Lightning, replaces attachments in Classic. Salesforce Files provide more functionality than attachments, such as versioning, sharing, and commenting.

Unfortunately, Salesforce does not make this transition easy for customers with complex environments which is why Syncari now supports the ability to sync and migrate files between Classic and Lightning. Using the new Create Salesforce File Action, users can map attachments from Classic to files in Lightning using the Parent ID to associate files with their related objects in Salesforce.  

Note that in order to leverage this new capability the Salesforce Synapse will need to be reauthenticated and schema refreshed. 



Center Pipeline Node

Complex pipelines can become difficult to navigate as functions and actions begin to sprawl. As an improvement to usability, the pipeline navigation has been enhanced with the ability to center your view on the Syncari node by clicking on the gear icon in the mini-map.



  • Sync Studio: The relationship view and details view will now display user's timezone set in their profile
  • Settings: Display the timezone set in user’s profile or use the browser timezone as backup
  • Synapses: You can now use the SFTP Synapse as a destination
  • Synapses: Custom Synapses enhanced for OAUTH flow
  • Synapses: Custom Synapse files can be downloaded while approval is in progress
  • Subscription headers in the instance list are fixed to the top until the whole section is scrolled
  • Support for Multivalued fields while creating temporary variables
  • Relative date value support in Syncari Insights and Data Studio
  • Established a default limit of 3 instances per subscription

Resolved Issues

  • Validation error message fixed in pipeline validations
  • Variables values are updated correctly and validation added for variables in Syncari Insights
  • Miscellaneous performance fixes for pipelines on the destination side
  • Users will be able to create a pipeline with an inactive entity but will have an error when they try to resync or have a running pipeline
  • Fixed memorized transactions in NetSuite which would post transactions at predefined intervals
  • Users can map the same field twice to different Syncari fields
  • Users can no longer modify the edges of the nodes on Synapses Studio
  • Salesforce Synapse authentication errors fixed
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