Release Notes for Syncari (March 2023)

Aaron Rosenthal
Aaron Rosenthal
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These are the release notes for features Syncari introduced in March 2023. If you have any questions about these items, please contact customer support.

New Features This Month

New Insights Visualization Type

The Donut

The donut chart is now available in Syncari Insights and can be used to represent percentages or proportions of a whole. Each section of the donut represents a different category or data point, and the size of the section corresponds to the proportion of the data it represents. You can also add a subcategory that will perform the same operation within the bounds of the selected category. Additionally, you can also group smaller values to represent a chunk in the donut.

New List Functions

Find in List

A new function has been added to find element(s) by criteria. The criteria can be a combination of conditions including the position of the element. All elements matching the criteria are returned.

Get from List

This new function lets you fetch an element in a list based on the position.


Multi-node Drag and Select

A major improvement to keeping your Syncari workspace organized, we have released a multi-node drag and select feature allowing you to select multiple nodes at once. Users can also now drag to position their workspace. 



List Instance API (Syncari Embed)

We introduced a new API GET request to fetch a list of instances available within a subscription.

This is useful for Syncari Embed customers who are managing multiple instances for customers. Using the List Instance API, you now get the unique identifier of each instance, which is required to make any changes to the instance.


GET Request

curl --request GET --url --header 'Content-Type: application/json'


 "success": true,
 "requestId": "8879688424",
 "timestamp": "2023-03-23T22:59:49.087954Z",
 "result": [
     "name": "Syncari Master Instance",
     "displayName": "Syncari Master Instance",
     "syncariId": "syncari_admin",
     "type": "production",
     "status": null,
    "planName": null,
     "subscriptionName": "Syncari Master",
     "quota": null
     "name": "testnewinstance",
     "displayName": "testTrialDisplayName&Edited",
     "syncariId": "GYGQLU",
     "type": "production",
     "status": "ACTIVE",
     "planName": "default",
     "subscriptionName": "Syncari Master",
     "quota": null



These are some of the enhancements we made to Syncari in March 2023:

  • Users can now drag and select nodes in the pipeline using pan mode and select mode
  • Slack Action to resolve tokens in block-kit section
  • Lock the first column in the transaction log when the user scrolls horizontally
    • Untitled.gif
  • Add a link from data studio entity list to sync studio pipeline so that user can navigate easily back to the pipeline
    • View-Pipeline-Shortcut-from-DS.gif
  • Support for configuring destination field nodes to Reject Empty Values on Insert/Update
  • Users can now delete files in Hubspot using a custom action
  • Ability to configure help articles for Custom Synapses 
  • API badge displayed for API users in the user list
  • Help links for SFTP, Eloqua & Impartner Synapse updated
  • Loading indicator is now displayed when marking all notifications as read
  • Syncari Insights - users can preview large sizes of the data card: Data card preview - large size preview from card authoring view
  • Syncari Insights - tooltips are updated for each of the Functions while creating a dataset
  • Setting a user as an org-admin in one instance will make the user an  org-admin across all instances in the org
  • Multivalued Picklist in Pipedrive now supported in Syncari
  • Pipeline validation no longer fails on required fields with default values if they are not mapped


Performance Improvements

Sync Performance

We continue to improve the pipeline sync performance. A few operations like dedupe and ID lookup have been optimized. We also introduced caching to speed up the processing of records which has resulted in a 4x improvement in speed.

Product Performance

In order to provide a better experience for users, we identified a number of page optimizations in the product like fewer API calls, asynchronous loading of data, limiting notification previews, etc.

Resolved Issues

  • Displaying of Node names correctly on the Published pipelines
  • Fixed Auto arrange of synapses in Synapse Studio
  • Source-side errors on Entity Pipelines are now recorded in the transaction log
  • Log transactions for partial batch successes
  • Custom Action to support Delete methods
  • Deleting a published dashboard redirects the user to the last visited dashboard
  • Token pickers are no longer displayed in Functions or Actions where they are not supported
  • Pipeline drafts are no longer created with just the core node when user navigates to the Entity
  • Sync details metrics timestamp on source and destination stages have been aligned correctly
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