Release Notes for Syncari (February 2023)

Dave Wilks
Dave Wilks
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These are the release notes for features Syncari introduced in February 2023. If you have any questions about these items, please contact customer support.

New Features

Here’s the list for this month:

Error Notifications (Webhook and Email)

It’s important to know when your systems are not working as expected. You want to be notified as fast as possible when there is a pipeline, synapse, or sync error.

This release adds the ability to send webhook notifications to an external source that listens for these webhooks. It extends the existing email notification capability to make managing notifications for an email group easier.

Find more in Webhook Notifications and Email Error Notifications in the Help Center.

Configuring a webhook notification.

Temporary Variables

Another frequently requested feature is the ability to set a temporary variable on an entity pipeline that is available later in that pipeline or available to field pipelines for that entity. Look up or calculate some information, then set a variable that other pipelines can use.

We added the ability to use the Set Value function to create temporary variables that are visible during the execution of that pipeline. Variables can be created with a specific data type and are available in the token picker in nodes after the variable is defined.

An example of using temporary variables in a pipeline flow.

Syncari Essentials Certification

Syncari is expanding its training program with a new Syncari Essentials course and certification. Learn Syncari with a hands-on course that teaches Syncari fundamentals through a data unification scenario. When you’re finished you’ll have a working data unification pipeline and a Syncari Essentials certificate to share on LinkedIn.

Get Syncari Essentials certified and watch for future certifications to demonstrate your expertise in Syncari. Highlights include:

  • Learn by doing. Syncari Essentials is an interactive course where you won’t just read about syncing data, you’ll work in Syncari to build a real pipeline.
  • Multiple learning options. Syncari Essentials offers the chance to learn by watching videos, reading, and using walkthroughs that teach as you work in Syncari.
  • Sample data. You don’t need to worry if you can fit your data or use case into a cookie-cutter course. We provide the data to support the scenario so anyone can follow along.

Improved Whitespace for Filters in Functions

When you compare information in Syncari with filters, it’s sometimes hard to see the difference between a single and multiple white space characters. Another issue happens when you have a leading or trailing space. We’ve added indicators to make it easier to work with whitespace.

Find these indicators in functions with filters like Decision, or comparison areas like Merge and Dedupe.

Whitespace indicators in Evaluates to True if.

Pendo Synapse

Pendo is a popular product experience suite used to measure user activity, present how-to guides, and assist product analysis for product managers. We’ve added a Pendo synapse to connect your Pendo data to Syncari and align it with other entity data. With Pendo, you can aggregate product activity and use Syncari to update connected systems with that information.


These are some of the enhancements we made to Syncari in February 2023:

  • When merging, select multiple fields to copy from the losing record.
  • Improved zoom controls on canvas.
  • Removed a 5-minute delay in syncing most recently modified records from Salesforce and HubSpot synapses.
  • Adjusted email copy on password email.
  • Added support for native Marketo Lead merge.
  • Improved ability to select nodes on the pipeline in Sync Studio.
  • Added support to add fields on the schema for Marketo, Syncari, and DynamoDB synapses.
  • Insights now supports filtering data sets by System data sets and User data sets
  • Edit data cards directly from dashboards in Insights.
  • Convert Salesforce Lead action now supports setting the Lead Owner ID.
  • Send Slack Message action now supports using tokens when sending Block Kit messages.
  • Insights now supports sorting in data sets using user-created aliases.
  • Added entity pipeline source side errors to the Transaction Log.
  • Added support for SOQL regex character in the source predicate for Salesforce synapse.

Performance Improvements

These are some of the performance improvements we made to Syncari in February 2023:

  • Continued to improve caching to speed processing.
  • Dedupe algorithm optimized to run only when fields change that participate in dedupe criteria.

API Enhancements

We made the following changes to Syncari APIs:

  • Added the list data API.
  • Added API to edit properties of an instance.

Resolved Issues

We also resolved some issues in the Syncari platform, including:

  • When uploading the second file in an ImportedFiles folder, we no longer allow you to set the ID of the folder.
  • An issue where a long alias name was not visible in a drop-down list in Insights.
  • Data sets and entities were not blending correctly.
  • An issue with handling empty lists in dedupe conditions.
  • Allowing free text in data set selection field.
  • Some custom actions were not showing correctly in the Library.
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