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Email error notifications let you designate an email or series of email addresses to receive an email message when an error notification occurs on your selected schedule. Error types supported for notifications include Pipeline, Sync, and Synapse errors.

Note: Email notifications in Syncari before March 2023 did not require recipients to opt into the notifications. We now require recipients to validate their email addresses and opt in before receiving email notifications. Recipients can opt out if they do not want to receive these notifications.

View Configured Email Notifications 

You can view which email notifications are configured in Syncari in Settings on the Email page in Notifications. You can view details about each notification, including:

  • Email List—The emails of recipients who will receive notification emails.

  • Notification Type—The types of error notifications the recipients receive.

  • Status—Whether the email notification is actively sending emails (Active) or not (Inactive).

➡️ To see the Email page, go to Settings>Notifications>Email Group.

Configure Email Notifications

Configure email group notifications to define who receives error notifications, which notifications they receive, and how often they receive them.

Note: Before receiving email notifications, the recipients must opt in. After you configure the group, recipients receive an email that they must respond to. Until they do, Syncari classifies them as Pending recipients.

➡️ To configure email notifications: 

  1. Go to the Email page in Notifications (Settings>Notifications>Email Group).

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter the Name and Description of the email notification.

    • Name—Add a required name for the email notification that appears in the summary table on the Email page. The name must be unique.

    • Description—Add a brief description of the email notification.

  4. Enter Emails one at a time, more than one separated by commas. Press ENTER or RETURN after each email, or select it in the blue-shaded field below.

  5. In Notification Type, select one or more error notification choices: Pipeline, Synapse, or Sync.

  6. In Status, manage the activation of the email notification. Active email notifications will receive emails, but Inactive ones will not.

  7. Select a Schedule choice. For Real-time schedules, the recipients will receive a message as soon as an error occurs. Syncari sends a digest of error notifications for the other options at the selected interval.

  8. Click Save


Review Email Recipient Status

You can see which email recipients have opted into notifications and which have not. Statuses include:

  • Pending—The recipient hasn’t opted-in to the email notification yet. The user should check their inbox for an email with the subject, "Please validate your email to receive a Syncari Notification"

  • Active—The recipient validated their email and opted in. A recipient with this status will receive email notifications.

  • OptOut—The recipient opted out of the email notifications. A recipient with this status will not receive email notifications.

➡️ To do see the email recipient status:

  1. Go to the Email page in Notifications (Settings>Notifications>Email Group).

  2. Click any email in the Email List column.
    Syncari shows the group members and their status.


Edit Email Notifications

You can change the name and description of an email notification, add or remove emails and notification types (e.g., Pipeline, Sync, or Synapse), activate or deactivate it, and update the schedule.

➡️ To edit an email notification:

  1. Go to the Email page in Notifications (Settings>Notifications>Email Group).

  2. Click Edit in the Actions column.

  3. Make your changes, and then click Save.

Testing Email Notifications

You can send test emails to recipients with an Active status. Syncari sends a test email to confirm your recipients can receive notifications.

➡️ To test email notifications:

  1. Go to the Email page in Notifications (Settings>Notifications>Email Group).

  2. Click Edit in the Actions column.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and expand Test Email.

  4. Click Send Test.

Delete Email Notifications

Deleting an email notification removes it from the Email page, and recipients will no longer receive emails.

➡️ To delete an email notification:

  1. Go to the Email page in Notifications (Settings>Notifications>Email Group).

  2. Click Delete in the Actions column.

  3. Click Yes on the verification.

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