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Dave Wilks
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Insights allows you to build five different visualization types for your dashboards:

Bar and Horizontal Bar


Use Bar and Horizontal Bar data card visualizations to show a specific value across different categories. Bar visualizations in data cards can compare and contrast different types of data, frequencies, or other measures of distinct categories of data. For example, the Sales by Quarter data card quickly shows sales trends over time.



Use Line data card visualizations to show a show information that changes over time. For example, the User Growth data card shows growth trends for a give time period.

When building data cards with Line visualizations, keep in mind that they include two axes called the “x-axis” (horizontal) and the “y-axis” (vertical).



Use Metric data card visualizations to show easy-to-read numbers that represent KPIs or targets. For example, the Current Year Sales data card shows exactly where your sales are in a given year.



Use Table data card visualizations to show data from a data set using a logical series of rows and columns. Use Table visualizations for comparisons of many values for single categories or to show a subset of a larger data set. For example, the Top 10 Accounts by Sales data card makes it clear which accounts are driving the most revenue.





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