Creating a Data Analysis Plan

Dave Wilks
Dave Wilks
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With Insights, you can leverage the power of the unified data model in Syncari to extract real value from your data. Your job is to tell stories using dashboards in Insights Studio that chronicle the metrics that define your organization. Just like planning a novel, you’ll need to start with an outline that covers all of the major plot points. In this case, that outline is a data analysis plan.

You’ll use Insights Studio to write your story. The dashboards you create will communicate about the goals, metrics, health, and opportunities for your business. To make sure the story you tell is relevant and effective, you need to know your audience, understand your organization's goal, and make sure you have the data in Syncari.


Define your Audience

While each dashboard consumer is unique, they generally fall under broader categories like executives, department leaders, analysts, or operators. The stories you tell need to differ depending on who is consuming the information. Be sure to tell the right kind of story to your audience:

  • Strategic stories help show executives the key details that demonstrate the overall health of the organization.

  • Analytical stories show leaders in various channels (e.g., marketing, customer success, sales) trends that matter to them.

  • Operational stories surface how your business is running by monitoring KPIs. They monitor the function of your business as opposed to the overall health.

Know Your Goals

Goals make up the plot of your story, and like any good story, the plot should be straightforward and easy to understand. Ensure that you identify relevant metrics that you can translate into a visual representation of the status of each goal. Consider what the metrics tell you about the business and what kind of visualizations most effectively tell that story.

Start by creating data sets to match the goals of your story, and then choose the appropriate type of visualization to bring your story to life.

Know Which Goals You're Measuring in Syncari

Review what metrics you’re currently measuring in Syncari and be sure that they line up with your goals. Check for missing metrics and make sure you bring that information into the unified data model. Your metrics might be measured in various systems in your organization, reports, or spreadsheets. Use Syncari to pull all that data into one place.

Dive deep into the Syncari data and make sure that your data is ready for the story. Consider asking questions like:

  • Have you configured all of the entities that you need?

  • Is the relevant data in Syncari in the format that you need to tell this story? If not, you can create new entities.

  • Does your data include the appropriate fields or aggregations (e.g., COUNT, SUM) to support the visualizations you need?

  • Do the entities in Syncari have the right information?

  • Is the data in a congruent time frame?


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