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Once you graduate from your Syncari onboarding and begin using the platform by yourself, you'll undoubtedly need a little help at some stage. We are staffed and ready to assist!

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time
(Available 24x7 for business critical issues)

Help Center

We are always adding new content to our Help Center. Before reaching out to support, we recommend you give it a quick search to see if the topic you need help with has already been documented.

Support Portal

The Support Portal is the most complete solution for case management, and we highly recommend that you make use of it. Here are some portal highlights:

  • Create new tickets.
  • Get visibility into all your currently open tickets.
  • Access your entire ticket history.
  • Interact with your open tickets by posting comments, updating the severity, and reviewing comment history.

To access your support portal:

1. Log in to Syncari and select Help Center under the question mark menu.

2. After the Help Center loads, click your profile (name), select Requests. You can also bookmark this page: https://support.syncari.com/hc/en-us/requests


You'll find your requests under the My requests tab. Other related requests can be found under Requests I'm CC'd on and Organization requests.
Contact support if you do not see the Organization requests tab and need access to tickets created by other team members in your organization. 


Although we recommend you use the portal to create new cases and interact with them, it can be easier to use email sometimes when you're on the go. You can email us at support@syncari.com anytime to open a new ticket, and we will reach back out as soon as possible.

You can then continue the communications for this ticket via the same email thread or pick things back up from the portal once you're settled in.

In-App Support

Our support bot can help answer many common questions around using Syncari. 

1. Log into Syncari, under the question mark icon found at the top right, select Chat Support. Our chat bot, Syncaroo, will be able to help you with general questions about Syncari. Ask the chat bot to connect with support if your issue requires help from a human. 


2. The chat modal will prompt for some additional information and a request will be sent to support. 

Pro Tips

In order to expedite the investigation of the issue you're reporting, please try to provide as much context as possible so we don't take up too much time asking clarifying questions. Some of the information we typically need to begin the troubleshooting process:

  1. Issue Description: In your own words, please describe the issue at hand.
  2. Issue Timing: When did this issue begin happening?
  3. Instance Name/ID: Include the instance name when reporting an issue as you likely have multiple instances (sandbox/production). You can also find the instance ID under Settings > Subscription Profile.
  4. Synapses: Which synapses are involved in this issue? Which sources or destinations?
  5. Pipeline Name: Mention the Entity and Field pipelines by name that are in question.
  6. Example Record(s): Provide the Syncari ID for any example records you have that we can use for investigation.
  7. Error Messages: Include a screenshot of the error you are receiving as well as a copy/paste if possible.

NOTE: Make sure your screenshots include enough visual context so we know where to look.

Ticket Prioritization

Although we do our best to attend to all your tickets as quickly as possible, we do break down ticket priority in the following manner:

Ticket Priority Example Issues Per Priority
  • Data Sync problems that don't affect a major business function
  • Product and UI issues with non-major business impact
  • Pipelines are delayed or backlogged but are still functional
  • The Application is working although slower than usual
  • How-to questions
  • Service Requests (ex: Add IP to Whitelist)
  • The application is down and you are unable to access it
  • Ongoing data corruption due to an issue with the product
  • Existing Production pipeline(s) stop working

If you are experiencing a severe issue like the ones listed for "Urgent" in the table above, you can bump up the priority of your ticket by responding to the ticket creation confirmation Email with the hastag:


We will triage and assign this ticket as quickly as possible regardless of business hours. If we find that the "urgent" issue doesn't meet the criteria outlined above, we will address it accordingly.

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