Release Notes for Syncari (November 2022)

Dave Wilks
Dave Wilks
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These are the release notes for features Syncari introduced in November 2022. If you have any questions about these items, please contact customer support.

New Features

Each month, we highlight newly released features. 

Here’s the list for this month:

  • OAuth 2.0 support for custom synapses
  • Tokens added for synapse metadata
  • HubSpot Product custom field support

OAuth 2.0 Support for Custom Synapses

Syncari’s Custom Synapse now supports adding OAuth calls to authenticate against OAuth-compliant systems.

Enable OAuth with this in the custom synapse configuration file:


Tokens Added for Synapse Metadata

Synapses now publish tokens that enable Syncari authors to discover synapse metadata in pipelines. These values include the name of the synapse, the synapse type, and other values captured in the configuration fields of the synapse. Use the {{synapse_<Synapse_Name>.<field>}} format to access the synapse metadata.

Use this metadata to determine the current status of a synapse or the reference ID of the original table in Google Sheets or Airtable. For example, access the Base Id in the Airtable configuration below with {{synapse_<airtable_crm>.<metaConfig.baseId>}}.


See details in Using Tokens Like a Pro.

HubSpot Product Custom Field Support

We now support custom fields on the HubSpot Product entity in the HubSpot synapse.


These are some of the enhancements we made to Syncari in November 2022:

  • Updated Zoominfo enrich to include company name and company id.
  • Added the ability to remove picklist selection in enrich person dropdowns.
  • Added in-app link for the Intercom synapse help.
  • Multivalued list of labels in Syncari writes to Jira as a multivalue list.
  • Added support to the HubSpot synapse for additional CRM sync activities.

Performance Improvements

We made these improvements to performance:

  • Imported files were updated to stream to memory instead of downloading the entire file.
  • Improved performance for Google Sheets sync when more than 2000 records have the same timestamp.

API Enhancements

We made the following changes to Syncari APIs:

  • Enhanced the Run Quickstart API with field display name.
  • Created the Validate Entity Pipeline and Validate Field Pipeline APIs.
  • Added Target ID to the Validate Pipeline APIs.
  • Created the List Transactions API.
  • Created Update Fields (Batch) API.

Resolved Issues

We also resolved some issues in the Syncari platform, including:

  • Fixed an issue when no ID field is identified for a Google Sheet destination.
  • Fixed an issue with pagination in Data Studio after a search.
  • The Create Syncari Record action was not showing the original source in the transaction log for source side pipelines.
  • When navigating away from the pipeline, the newly added node was not saved as expected in some cases.
  • Merge with circular references was behaving unexpectedly.
  • A pipeline paused notification was generated in error; we updated the message to clarify what was happening.
  • Schema Studio table was not automatically resizing.
  • Marketo activity sync was unexpectedly slow.
  • We fixed an issue with the comparison of HubSpot form field values.
  • Addressed an issue preventing records from flowing to a Google Sheets destination during merge.
  • Update in DynamoDB was not working correctly when updating the ID field.
  • The right side of the UI condition in a filter was not removed automatically when the left side was changed.
  • Fixed an issue with a filter condition that caused an oops error.
  • Fixed an issue with the Zoho synapse that affected resyncing.




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