Release Notes for Syncari (October 2022)

Dave Wilks
Dave Wilks
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These are the release notes for features Syncari introduced in October 2022. If you have any questions about these items, please contact customer support.

New Features

Each month, we highlight newly released features. 

Here’s the list for this month:

  • Date Difference function: compare two dates
  • Marketo add to program: adding status update
  • Outreach: sync call disposition
  • Hubspot Synapse: add sync to Hubspot Form Detail

Date Difference Function: compare two dates

In field and entity pipelines, we compare information stored in Syncari with the information received from another system. Frequently, one of the actions is to compare two dates with one another to find the elapsed time between them.

In this release, we’ve added a Date Difference function to help you keep track of different date fields, including support for Date Time fields as well. Select the fields you’d like to compare and the date difference unit, and calculate spans like the time from create date to converted date for a lead.

An example panel showing the Date Difference function

Marketo Add To Program Action: Adding Status Update

Add powerful functionality to your Syncari pipelines with Actions, like adding a Program Member to a Marketo Program using their email. We’ve added the ability to update an existing Program Member with a new status, which is useful when Programs have multiple status values.

The newly added Program Status field in the Add to Marketo Program Action

Outreach Synapse: Adding Call Disposition

Many organizations use Syncari and Outreach together. One of the items our customers have asked for is the ability to map Outreach call dispositions to activities in Salesforce or Hubspot.

We now support Outreach call disposition as an entity in Syncari and a field on the Call object, giving you the ability to do many-to-one matches between calls and dispositions. This makes it easier to annotate activities in other CRM platforms with the outcomes reps stored in Outreach.

Hubspot Synapse: Now, Sync Form Details

Many marketers use Hubspot to host forms and landing pages that capture data from prospects or customers. We wanted to make it possible to bring this data into Syncari. This release introduces the capability of syncing details from Hubspot-hosted forms into Syncari. We also added support for Marketing Email Events in Hubspot as part of this release.


These are some of the enhancements we made to Syncari in October 2022:

  • Fragments are now placed where you drop them on the canvas
  • Set the view of expanded group to be a higher z-index than other nodes
  • When deleting an Instance, show Instance ID in the delete modal message
  • Zoominfo synapse is now usable from a custom action
  • Redshift synapse now uses the cursor based iterator
  • Updated JIRA synapse to sync multi-valued lists
  • Adding more fields from Zoominfo for enrich person and enrich company actions
  • Added support in Pardot Synapse for "Visit", "Visit Page View", "Visitor Activity" objects

API Enhancements

We made the following changes to Syncari APIs:

  • Added an API to validate Pipelines
  • Added an API to list Transactions

Resolved Issues

We also resolved some issues in the Syncari platform, including:

  • On password reset, the user was not being redirected to the correct page to reset
  • On field mapping of non-reference field to Syncari reference field the relationship was not being validated correctly
  • Delete progress was not shown incrementally in the data studio
  • Is Not Empty comparison was not working correctly for multi-valued reference field
  • Pipeline schedules were not parsing correctly where enabled and no parameter provided for the seconds value
  • Data studio filter using "not in" and a domain was not working correctly
  • Incremental updates on some objects not processing correctly with a Hubspot Synapse
  • Nodes connected with a circular reference caused a validation error
  • Errors syncing string and date data types to BigQuery




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